The classification of the synthetic rubber

by:BEF     2020-07-05

in the use of synthetic rubber sole manufacturer can be divided into wear-resisting rubber, environmental protection rubber, rubber air, sticky rubber, hard rubber, add carbon rubber this six classes.

( 1) Wear-resisting rubber: wear-resisting rubber abrasion resistance and toughness is very good, and very durable, most of the rubber material used in tennis shoes outsole.

( 2) Environmental protection rubber, can also be called recycled rubber material, the rubber sole contain no more than 10% recycled rubber, the rubber mainly for environmental protection.

( 3) Air rubber: means the rubber contains air, so it has a certain shock absorption function, but is not very wear-resisting, purpose is not a lot.

( 4) Sticky rubber: sticky rubber flexible is better, and very slippery, most used in indoor shoes.

( 5) Term hard rubber, hard rubber outsole rubber material in the most comprehensive rubber, its characteristic is both tough and prevent slippery and wear resistance, so widely used.

( 6) Add carbon rubber: it is primarily in the ordinary rubber added carbon element, it will make the rubber more tough wear-resisting, most running shoes are made of this kind of rubber, if after running shoes soles, palm of BRS letter, explains USES carbon rubber outsole.

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