The choice of safety shoes, labor insurance shoes and function

by:BEF     2020-11-26
Safety shoes also known as labor insurance shoes, generally refers to the safety shoes and shoes, steel toe shoes. But strictly speaking, safety shoes is divided into: protect the toes safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, electric insulation safety shoes, high temperature resistant safety shoes, etc, but the most commonly used safety shoes is to protect toes safe protection, namely the shoes, because the shoes front generally with steel baotou, so they are commonly known as steel toe shoes. Safety shoes choice: 1, prevent hit - USES industry standards, protect the security of the toes shoes lining for baotou steel, has both static pressure resistance and impact resistance, puncture-proof, smashing, very safe, upon examination, the compression resistance of 10 kn, 23 kg of toe resistance to impact, impact hammer impact since the 450 mm height of free fall after the top of the shoe, shoes deformation clearance & gt; = 15 mm, mainly is suitable for the mining, machinery and construction safety, metallurgy, steel, port loading used in heavy industry, such as, play a protective toes safety shoes, there is rubber and elastomer, wearing comfortable, and does not affect the daily operation of labor. 2, prevent puncture -- protect feet from sharp objects stabbed, maximum bear the puncture force of 1100 n, national super standard. 3, insulation, insulation can shoes in ac 50 hz, 1000 v and below or dc 1500 v and below power equipment on the job, as the auxiliary and safe appliance and labor protection articles in leather shoes. 4, anti-static, anti-static shoes according to GB4385-1995 standard production, resistance value range of 100 k & rsquo; Ω-1000M’ Ω, this product has the good permeability, antistatic, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, and other functions, mainly is suitable for the aviation, aerospace crisis has played a very light industry to avoid flammable and explosive accidents due to static electricity. The function of the safety shoes: 1, oil resistant, according to the oil standard tests, increased volume is not greater than 12%. If the volume is not increases, and narrow, the narrow quantity is greater than the original volume of 0. 5% or increase hardness greater than 10 ( Shao Er A) A flexible 40000 crack growth are not more than 7 mm. 2, prevent slippery, polyurethane molding soles, end of unique design, excellent antiskid performance. 3, resistant to acid and alkali - meet GB12018 & ndash; 89 standard requirement. 4, wear resistance for high quality shoes, suitable for a variety of environments.
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