The chemical industry safety protection measures

by:BEF     2020-12-09
Chemical industry of danger can't underestimate, as do security work, workers need to take the correct safety protection measures to standardize operations, to reduce the unnecessary injuries. Below small make up together and see what are the safety protection measures: a, 1 fire extinguishing equipment. Water ( Bucket, water pumps, fire hydrant, etc. ) ; 2. Sand ( Inert materials) ; 3. Fire extinguishers. Have fire axe. Second, the safety protection articles 1. Safety helmet; 2. Protective clothing, such as dusters, chemical protective clothing, heavy chemical protective clothing; 3. Gloves ( Special jobs, resistance to acid and alkali chemical protective gloves) ; 4. Gas mask, escape mask, air breathing apparatus; 5. Safety shoes, and generally have a high temperature resistant, prevent slippery, antistatic, acid and alkali resistant shoes; 6. Protective sleeve; 7. Seat belts, and so on. Three, 1 testing instrument. Noise instrument instrument; 2. Gas detector; 3. Dry humidity monitor; 4. Space dust concentration monitor; 5. Electrostatic detector. Personal protective equipment, it is important to note that all are the period of using, the validity and accuracy of detection, all of the important protective products must be tested periodically or correction, to ensure that in emergencies effectively play a role.
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