The chemical industry labor protection articles

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Chemical industry is a special industry, staff use also more technical content of labor insurance supplies, there are a lot of labor insurance supplies are on the market at present for this type of work suitable for use in chemical industry products, such as the use of the chemical industry safety shoes, have a certain requirements, such as good resistance to oil, smashing, high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, insulation performance, etc. If some chemical workers in the chemical enterprise engaged in oil refining, their daily work in crude oil or tar refining workshop, if there is oil resistant function of the safety shoes in nature can reduce the oil pollution, and reduce the risk of workers job slip. Oil resistant safety shoes soles and uppers are oil resistant material, will not be oily dissolve, rejecting grease has excellent effect, and the safety of the oil ground non-slip shoes. Some chemical companies in the chemical industry is the main development direction of chemical products, these chemical products are generally related to acid, alkaline solution, and chemical industry personnel in acid and alkali resistant safety shoes can very good protection of their feet from chemicals. Because chmical resistant safety shoes are with acid and alkali resistant performance, the acid and alkali, strong corrosive environment is used to protect the feet, to prevent the acid and alkali chemical damage safety shoes. Safety is the most let a person fear in the chemical production factors, perhaps inadvertently, because of some unknown factors, caused irreparable damage to the chemical person when chemical personnel in the job so it is necessary to wear protective function of the safety shoes. The importance of safety in production is to prevent or eliminate the harmful to workers health effects and all kinds of accidents, ensure the security of people's life and property, ensure normal production work. So, for workers wearing appropriate safety shoes is necessary, nip in the bud.
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