The cause of the labor insurance shoes broken

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Labor insurance shoes is essential for people to engage in production activities security a no-brainer, but in the Chinese shoes to wear with it's easy to have a broken phenomenon in the process of letting a person is very trouble, so what is the cause of the labor insurance shoes broken, analysis from the following aspects: 1, labor insurance shoes material of domestic and abroad because of poor polyurethane raw materials, large quantities of broken cause labor insurance shoes to return. Compensate labor insurance shoes also compensate shoes, not only caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan, Chinese shoes was banned due to broken at the end of eighty s Shanghai labor insurance shoes using pu soles. After years of continuous improvement and practice, the current domestic raw material technology has completely pass, because of raw material and the labor insurance shoes broken event has been rare. Such as material selection is wrong, high hardness, use the temperature too low. If the adjustable range of concentrate too wide or too narrow, not easy to find the center formula ( The best formula) Easy to broken. 2, mold reasons such as acute or along the bending direction pattern too deep, and so on. 3, device, or operational reasons pouring amount is not always appropriate, general materials milky white, about 8 ~ 10 seconds, pouring time to no more than 5 seconds, otherwise affect labor insurance shoes in full of mold cavity and the reaction mixture. 4, mold temperature too high or too low preheating and curing mold temperature to 35 ~ 40 ℃ advisable, too high, too fast reaction, easy to overflow, bottom is easy to produce cracks, labor insurance shoes shape would produce & other; Nest & throughout; ; Mold temperature is too low, the adverse reaction, not fully foaming, skin thickening. 5, labor insurance shoes mold release time early or C ( Catalyst) Lack of mixture in the mould has not been fully and initial curing reaction, the demoulding is likely to produce crack or break. 6, labor insurance shoes mixing ratio error formula of optimal position not transferred to the center, when the metering pump or cause measurement errors, such as mixing device transformation may be beyond the center formula of the permissible range. 7, the material temperature change too big especially when two components don't charging at the same time, new and original liquid temperature is higher, due to the material temperature difference is too big, cause the matching error.
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