The cause of the influence on the performance of the safe plastic shoes head protection have?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
In light work work environment, employee protection articles of each ring is very important. To mechanical safety inspection, small what to wear a pair of safety shoes are indispensable to the security role. The use of safety shoes in the protective performance of protective shoes is very popular and common, is the most common steel baotou, the second is for the application of aluminum in baotou. In recent years, the safety of plastic shoes head and non-metallic synthetic shoes also slowly began to join in the use of safety shoes. Compared with steel baotou machine material, aluminum alloy baotou baotou lighter and nonmetallic synthesis, but also common in price is expensive. There is no denying that they also have specific USES their advantages, particularly in the workplace is sensitive to magnetic. Synthesis of baotou and safe plastic shoes head using the most common in the airport, because the two characteristics of nonmetal on when the security can minimize interference. In the process of work, safe plastic shoes head also can have the possibility of influenced by other factors, to this, is not only the shoes baotou must have sufficient strength, soles should also be under pressure or impact formed under the hem of shoes baotou immediately necessary support strength, so that is impact can be effectively transferred to the ground, it won't cause shoes baotou or other parts in the stress in the sole of his shoe. On this basis, the formula of hardness can be relatively large, if the sole for shoes baotou support would be more effective. Want to get a better protection performance, can also will be the sole at design time with shoes baotou edge in a straight line, the sole must be indented, as soles insection of spacer or does not provide a good support, so it's possible to avoid shoes baotou edges and the sole insection spacer or overlap. In the design of soles also notice a point is toward the top of the shoe soles, total thickness gradually decrease, this will increase the degree of toe lift,, in turn, affects the protection performance of shoes baotou, make its cross in front of the shock or impact toe forward, make shoes baotou former shell below baotou trailing edge, this is because most of the safety shoes baotou is transmitted through the shell before impact and pressure, if the former shell was down in the rear of the shoe in baotou, force transfer mechanism of it would not have effective protection effect, shoes will severely baotou trailing edge deformation. Finally affect the security and the plastic toe cap reasons, don't forget that the soles, set of components and the influence factors of shoes baotou protection, cut down the width of the sole, vertical and horizontal plane to see the profile of the surface, the sunken into the sole of shoe material baotou in the middle of the gap increased safety shoes shoes, shoes in baotou by the impact of the deformation damage or will be a little more.
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