The briefly hit labor insurance shoes of various technical standard requirements

by:BEF     2020-11-25
Prevent hit labor insurance shoes is a way to use the built-in hit baotou protective equipment to protect the feet, also known as the protection of digit safety shoes. Protect the toes to achieve expected effect, there must be a qualified labor insurance shoes baotou, its various performance especially against it impact performance must meet the requirements of the related technical standard, otherwise, it is not a comparable product. Below we detailed look at the requirement of smashing technology related to labor insurance shoes. The hit a general technical requirements of labor insurance shoes mainly by observing the shoes outside of the structure, the appearance quality of the bottom thickness, these three aspects. Shoes are main structure steel in baotou, the top of the shoe mat, leather shoes, shoe bond within the eye, LACES, heel, such as structure, and outside bottom thickness is not less than 4 mm, and the need to use direct injection molding, vulcanization, adhesive outsole, full of rubber and all the shoes of the polymeric material full layer thickness of not less than 6 mm. Appearance quality cannot appear to help disabled, obvious flaws in baotou skew, etc. And resistant to hit the security performance of the labor insurance shoes mainly from the compression resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance of baotou three aspects to detect, resistance to pressure testing is the rubber greasy cylinders placed in the top of the shoe, and then the shoes at a certain speed under the requirements of the corresponding force, continue to return zero after a minute, squeezed out of silly putty, related numerical value is measured with a caliper. To prevent hit the impact resistance of Chinese shoes are put in baotou shoes head and cylindrical silly putty in impact machine, fixed toe cap, will impact hammer according to the requirements of the free fall test, then remove the silly putty with calipers measurement related numerical whether accord with a standard to ask. Prevent hit a puff of labor insurance shoes due to moisture and feet sweat under the action of susceptible to corrosion effect, so in baotou must have the function of the resistance to corrosion, corrosion situation of baotou in the testing time will be processed on both sides of the baotou respectively, and the filter paper with filter paper, after a certain amount of time in baotou spots can't exceed five above, each spot area of no more than 5 mm. Safety shoes after testing, the relevant numerical accord with a standard to be into the market, which is closely linked with our own safety. You don't choose and safety performance is substandard hit labor insurance shoes, also do not sell or transfer such products to others, so as to avoid serious consequences.
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