The bottom of the antistatic agent used in antistatic can be divided into two categories, which?

by:BEF     2020-07-21
Electronics factory compared with before, now, great changes have taken place in dust-free workshop use, not only on the employees dress, also push the anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes and so on a series of anti-static products. The reason they can rise to eliminate the effect of static electricity, that with the addition of antistatic agent, now on the market on bottom of antistatic agent in anti-static types, but more to you are to count the number, then on the choice we should pay attention to what? Is a kind of adding antistatic agent in the resin coated in polymer material surface to prevent or eliminate electrostatic charges produced by chemical additives. Antistatic agent itself no free electrons, belong to the category of surfactant, it by ionization group or polar groups of the ionic conduction or moisture absorption effect, constitute a charge leakage passage, achieve the goal of antistatic. Classification and characteristics of antistatic agents antistatic agent in the manner of use can be divided into external and internal anti-static agent of two kinds of antistatic agent. When selecting a antistatic agent, we can go to choose, in accordance with the principle of this a few first if he has a good cost performance or high performance, provide to the high added value. Followed by the auxiliary heat stability. Had no adverse effect on the equipment, not damage, such as acid corrosion, the choice of dosage form, powder or granular, and liquid form. Such as increased production of bridging phenomenon is mainly caused by grain type is not unified. Still have to consider is the physical mechanical no bad influence on the material, can't cause the loss of other functional additives. Synergistic effect with other additives. Additives and the compatibility of resin, including close, polarity close structure, molecular weight, the use of coupling agent or compatilizer, improving processing technology, such as processing way or process conditions to increase the compatibility between the two. Finally, and most important, antistatic antistatic agent in the bottom of the non-toxic, decomposition or reaction with may come into contact with the material, etc. , had no adverse effect on the environment, work environment including the human body environment, living environment and natural environment. Those who is bad for human survival environment and the natural environment of material directly or indirectly the hazards caused by all belong to this category.
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