The birth of the original anti-static cloth was in such a case?

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Dry autumn has come, the cold winter be far behind? In the cold winter, we can eat hot pot delicious, also can see the beautiful snow, this day is meimei dalai! In winter, however, he also brought the ubiquity of electrostatic. Often suddenly will be electric, no sign. Made of chemical fiber fabrics clothing more easily due to friction induced a large amount of static electricity, so when we take off our clothes, wear with others contact or contact with some device easy to generate static electricity when the feeling of electric shock, not only can cause the body unwell, still can cause mental tension, caused a bad influence on people's lives, especially in some special occasions, such as medical situations, explosive workshop and communication occasions such as operations, also easy to cause the medical or work accident, dangerous. In order to solve the problem of static electricity, people add the line to overcome static electricity conductive fiber in the fabric, so it has the birth of the antistatic fabric. Now the powerful features of the antistatic fabric because he has to save a lot of risks by electrostatic damage products, has been to use in the mass production on the market and has become a must-have in production of blessing, has a broad prospects for development!
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