The advantages of labor insurance shoes soles of rubber

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Labor insurance shoes everyone, like the smash puncture prevention safety labor insurance shoes, insulation and so on are all need to wear labor insurance shoes in the work environment. As for labor insurance shoes sole general USES is all rubber, rubber, or PVC materials, etc. , because some of these materials can meet the labor insurance shoes sole to wear-resisting, resistance and heat insulation, prevent oil, such as performance, coupled with the use of these materials do sole can reduce the generation of static electricity, and mitigate the speed of the electrostatic discharge, have the function of the effective control of static electricity. Use has wear-resisting antiskid rubber sole, rubber soles with decorative pattern, obvious concave and convex, friction resistance, not easy to damage, and anti-slip. Folding shock, rubber soles of elasticity is very big, walking and light, with cushioning effect, and because the material softness is not quickly broken. Applicability is wide and can be in the place of strong acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive normal use. Hebi co. , LTD. Supplies of labor insurance shoes, whether it is the soles, the instep, the upper is made of high quality materials, products have been widely sold to all over the country, the company production of labor insurance category is numerous, welcome to negotiate the choose and buy!
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