The advantage of safe plastic shoes head in where?

by:BEF     2020-07-24
Under the constant innovation of technology, in recent years the safety shoes head also let consumers have more choices, in the steel head, aluminum head, glass fiber, plastic head, on the application of turnip greens, his taste, each flower into the eye, the speaker is a crucial moment or let a person the edition, are currently majority is the steel head and safe plastic shoes, small make up to make a comparison to you. In safety shoes production, steel toe cap to use steel mould, shape the mold cost is higher, but safety plastic toe cap mould cost is low, for shoe factory, the process does not need to change, and thus can be easily used. And compared to steel, aluminum alloy toe, safe plastic shoes head more easily and material adhesion, processing more convenient. And in the aspect of application, in addition to enjoy the basic security features, because of the security plastic shoes head weight is lighter, the wearer will feel more comfortable, will not lose a sense of balance by head. And in the moment to the pursuit of environmental health, relative to the safety of plastic shoes head can be resolved and shoe material nature, steel toe and leather or lining material together, can't separate, have difficulty in garbage disposal, obviously the former more accord with environmental protection trend.
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