The advantage of 13 kinds of commonly used Chinese shoes leather and classification

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Leather production process complicated labor insurance shoes, leather quality is good, price is more expensive, but the safety protection of function and comfort and much better than artificial leather. Hebi labor insurance shoes collection for labor insurance shoes are commonly used to 13 kinds of leather. 1, calf skin full of elasticity, calf skin appearance of pores is exquisite soft and smooth. Belongs to the good leather, wearing resistance to deformation and natural and graceful noble. Advantage: the dermatoglyph clear, feel is smooth, elastic cortex. 2, soft leather polishing process makes leather, cowhide after polishing. Soft and firm scratch parts is not easy to dead plait, coriaceous softness, permeability is strong, upright protector sweat, rainy days do not dress as far as possible. 3, sanded skin USES is the leather surface polishing treatment, and the grain scar or coarse fiber abrasion, with neat all embellish the leather fibre after dyed a variety of popular colors and become the first or second skin, is dumb light after corrosion process of a kind of leather, similar to the frosted glass. Is more thick coarse grinding cowhide to surface layer, the surface is smooth. 4, grinding outermost layer of skin is multi-purpose Daniel or buffalo hide, skin body thicker, color has the feeling of Yin and Yang. The surface smooth, uniform pores on the surface of the leather polishing makes leather soft. Cortex containing oil, difficult to mildew, bacteria, no peculiar smell, natural wrinkle and color effect. Advantages: water resistant, not easy deformation. 5, sheep skin coarser, the surface has AoTuGan, pore is bigger than leather, neat rows. Little sheep is thinner, pore easily colored, so colorful, more choice of color. Wear comfortable, soft leather. Permeability is strong, protective shoes perspiration. 6, skin only on the second floor and leather high-grade material, a number of animals from the appearance of the second layer leather, leather cover PU paint manufacturer under the treatment of appearance, advantage is breathable perspiration. 7, head skin feels soft fiber, animal most a layer on the surface of the skin. Has good strength and tensile permeability performance is good, because the part of the materials much more careful to avoid the scars and wrinkles. So made of head skin leather shoes price will be higher than 2 leather shoes. 8, embossed leather selection have a head skin layer, appearance is distinctive artistic suppress. Such as paint, sanded skin after careful processing and features of the pattern effect. 9, paint is cowhide, scanning the surface of a thin adhesive, is bright and clean but influence the degree of elasticity and breathable leather. With half wet cloth or transparent clean shoe polish. 10, wrinkle paint like patent leather, but the use of cylinder pressure to paint crease, leather softer than paint. With half wet cloth or transparent clean shoe polish. 11, printing fake snake is cowhide, drawing pattern, after skin and glue. With half wet cloth or transparent clean shoe polish. 12, bright skin is cowhide, with several layers of shoe polish smooth surface, invisible pores, the surface is smooth, uniform color, but affect the elasticity of the leather. With half wet cloth or transparent clean shoe polish. Also called double fur, fur, is the other side of the leather ( Hairy, not smooth) Both sides, the general processing is fur, the fur slipper is also called the suede leather shoes. These shoes are comfortable, breathable performance especially good, elegant and generous appearance, wear resistance. But its weakness is easy to dirty and difficult to maintain. Especially in the case of bad environment, absorbing dust, suede leather shoes and under the influence of water will make the villi lodging, rendering light shell. After suede leather shoes dirty, if dry brush is indelible. After scrubbing can be swabbed with wet cloth, first in ventilated dry shade. Leather surface seems dry dry, reoccupy bristle brush dips in some suede powder, shoes on the shoe brush, shoe suede will be puffed up. After a blow dry, suede can recover. Now on the market sold by safety shoes, labor insurance shoes are mostly with embossed leather, fur. Breathable comfortable head layer, but the price is higher, cortex to loose on the second floor, rough, but the price is cheap. Actually, in the Chinese shoes market, because of the poor working conditions applicable to the labor insurance shoes, most of the enterprises in order to save costs, will be embossed on the second floor of choose and buy leather made labor insurance shoes.
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