Terminal station need to wear antistatic safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Electrostatic are two different material rubbing against each other, have large stocks of oil depot gas station oil and frequent oil to send and receive homework, so the existence of electrostatic is inevitable. Terminal station is the most serious consequences in the electrostatic cause explosion and fire, thus strengthen the electrostatic protection is very important for the safe operation of the terminal station. The human body charged more dangerous than machines charged, because the person is walking. If walking in dangerous places or operation, is equal to a flow of fire. Therefore, the human body antistatic nots allow to ignore. Homework personnel in the activities, clothes, shoes and carrying friction, tools and other objects can generate static electricity. When carry electrostatic charge of contact or into the metal equipment and the metal objects such as metal pipe, the fingers or toes will release the edm, often electrostatic hazards. So the workers need to wear antistatic safety shoes, and the factory also USES the conductive surface. The body insulation to accumulate static electricity, if the static electricity from the earth to dissipate, the body will not be charged. Think in terms of anti-static resistance less than 108 Ω substance is conductor. The resistance of the anti-static shoes at 0. 5 × 105Ω- 10 8 Ω range, is a conductor to static electricity, the factory frequency alternating current (ac) is an insulator, and get an electric shock proof performance. Wear antistatic safety shoes must be on the conductive surface. Soil, sand, cement and so on the ground, can't more than 106 Ω resistance, are static conductor. Whoever may be leaking combustible gas, flammable liquids should be used conductive surface. In order to ensure the reliable anti-static shoes, wear antistatic safety shoes shall comply with the following requirements: (1) don't wear thick socks wool and chemical fiber, conductive fiber except; (2) prohibit cushion insole; (3) don't make soles by grease, paint, such as pollution, soles is stained with the impurities of the insulation. Depot electrostatic accidents caused by serious damage, influence surface is very wide also, especially in the explosion and fire accident caused the most serious consequences. Prevent electrostatic cause fire explosion is an important part of the oil depot electrostatic protection, to prevent electrostatic cause fire explosion and safety protection measures, as well as to prevent other electrostatic hazards.
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