Rubber sole yellow how should solve?

by:BEF     2020-06-26

sandals, canvas shoes are comfortable, very good, a lot of people like to wear, these shoes are rubber sole, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of sole turn yellow, then, once the sole yellow how should we deal with? First we have to analyze what is yellow, there are various reasons, in the sun insolates, clean with containing alkaline detergent, or long yellow, aging is likely, once become yellow, want to bleach is not easy. Next, let's take a look at a few can make a good way to rubber sole, yellow white. 1, physical QingChuFa, some soles are containing zinc oxide, lithopone, these two kinds of chelating agent is made, using physical method can restore white, using steel wire brush or blade to remove yellowing of the surface of a layer. 2, the water that clean out rice or orange skin after use clean water boils, shoes will soak in the water that clean out rice, then brush for cleaning. 3, solve the problem of the rubber sole is yellow, you can also use a disinfectant to clean, but be careful not to rub disinfectant to shoes 4 on the surface, in the daily maintenance and maintenance, do not use this type of alkaline detergent for cleaning, washing powder can be used to clean with detergent for washing the dishes, and then rinse clean with water on the balcony to dry, also do not put in too much the position of the sun. 5, in addition, the supermarket has a lot of monopoly cleaning products, to quickly solve the problem of sole yellow, simple and convenient. Above is for sharing the solution of the sole tips to become yellow, you can consult.

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