Rubber sole which several structures are there?

by:BEF     2020-07-05

type of rubber sole, rubber soles in accordance with the raw materials can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. According to the shape can be divided into solid elastomer, latex, liquid rubber and rubber powder. Water for the repose of latex for rubber gel; Liquid as oligomer of rubber for rubber, unvulcanized former general for sticky liquid; Powder for rubber latex products processing into powder, ingredients and processing technology of manufacturing and construction. Thermoplastic rubber development in the 20th century 60 s, 1900, without chemical solidification, and the use of molded thermoplastic processing method. Rubber shoes material factory in use is divided into a general type and special type two kinds.

1, linear structure: the structure of unvulcanized rubber. 。 No external force, because of the large molecular weight, be fined slugs. When the external force effect, undo the external force, fine degree of the fetters of attack time, molecular chain attacks continue to rebound, has a strong recovery development tendency, this is the origin of the high elastic rubber in China.

2, the structure of the branched chain: rubber aggregate of branched chain polymer to form a gel. Gel and process on the performance of the rubber is harmful. In rubber mixing process, a variety of complex dispensing area, often cannot enter gel composition blank, can't form the reinforcement and crosslinking, become thin part of the product.

3, crosslinking structure: some bridge even atoms or groups of linear molecules connected to each other to form a three-dimensional network structure. Along with the vulcanization process, continuously strengthen the economic structure development. Activity, therefore, reduce the freedom and the plasticity of the elongation strength, elasticity and increase hardness, compression permanent deformation and swelling of the degree of decrease.

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