Rubber sole, TPR sole which good?

by:BEF     2020-07-03
Soles, there are a lot of materials, such as TPU soles, PVC soles, EVA sole, PU sole, TPE sole, TPR sole and rubber sole and so on, here do not cover, focus about TPR and rubber sole, the first take a look at the advantages and disadvantages between them.

sole in SBS mixture and the material of a new type of thermoplastic rubber environmentally friendly materials, characteristics of the performance of both rubber and plastic, don't need sulfide, simple processing, injection molding molding after heating. With adjustable TPR material property, easy to shape. Than major TPR soles, shoes materials, flexibility is poor, so the price is cheap. Price decided to sole quality factors, TPR sole, the proportion of small, light shoes material, has good elasticity, easy colored, good permeability, high strength, and so on characteristics. TPR is often used in shoes and children's sports shoes, fashion shoes.

rubber sole is a kind of macromolecular compounds, with natural and synthetic rubber. Common rubber sole is soft, good elasticity, good wear resistance, acid-proof alkaline, widely used in all kinds of sports shoe. Rubber sole faults shoes material is heavier, easy to vomit cream, price is more expensive.

two sole which good? The need to consider according to your request.

than the resistance to wear, more wear-resisting rubber sole than TPR sole. Price,

rubber sole is more suitable than TPR sole.

overall, in contrast, I recommend using rubber material, shoe sole material quality, depending on the manufacturer's location and price.

professional engaged in rubber sole, PU sole, MD sole, welcome to inquire!

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