Rubber sole should be paid attention to in the process of production?

by:BEF     2020-06-25

in the production of rubber sole, low hardness when molding control owe good there will be a marginal position have a break, this is commonly known as the critical edge, why low hardness will explode edge? Facing a critical edge should be how to deal with again?

a and low hardness rubber molding package as well as the wind, simple appear when if be rubber body color or translucent color also is simple in rubber shoes material inside to see many white dots, processing methods: forward method of mould temperature, the forming die temperature properly.

2, move forward in the future when mould temperature, wind and white bad handle, but the marginal is the initial rupture of shoes materials, that is a critical edge. Forming an infinite loop, forward of die temperature is critical edge, reduce the mould temperature in the wind and bad white dots. Treatment method:

1, to reduce the forming mold temperatures, if appear bag and threshold wind and bad extension vulcanization time. The temperature of the molding must be slashed, until shoes material is not critical edge, don't think mold temperatures drop a four or five degrees can handle.

2, exhaust stroke and frequency must be good control, exhaust times less as far as possible, if you can try to shorten the exhaust stroke.

3, can appropriate decrease of vulcanizing agent added.

above is for all types of rubber sole matters should be noticed in the process of production and processing method, it can be used as a reference.

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