Rubber sole is better than pu sole

by:BEF     2020-12-04
We are two of the most common in the Chinese shoes sole is rubber soles and pu sole, the two shoes don't care which one is the best, just what kind of occasions suitable for what kind of sole. Rubber sole is commonly used safety shoes material, with a strong chemicals corrosion prevention and physical abrasion resistance, but also in the short term resistance to high temperature of 300 ℃; It is a kind of high molecular compound, not only has high elasticity, but also has high wear resistance and flexible, can withstand repeated bending, stretching, compression and not damaged; At the same time, also has a rubber impervious, gas impermeability, acid-proof alkaline, good insulation and high adhesion strength performance. And ammonia ester soles ordinary shoes are the commonly used materials, wearing light and comfortable, it often can form all kinds of air bubbles in the production, has the characteristics of flexibility, qualitative light, oil resistant, which is mainly composed of microcellular polyurethane elastomer PU shoes materials soft, comfortable elastic. Pu sole processing molding is simpler, made with step molding technology, need not glue, save work time, is both good for producers to health, does not pollute the environment, greatly improving the production efficiency. Pu soles are widely used in the production of casual shoes, sports shoes, work shoes, travel shoes, etc. Will use adhesive pu sole and shoes vamp both together, the way of the production process can be very good prevent degumming phenomenon. Therefore, rubber sole and pu sole all have their own advantages, so learn to choose wearing different shoes in different occasions, it is very critical.
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