Rubber sole and RB soles in material, properties, production process etc. What's the difference?

by:BEF     2020-07-02

RB is rubber ( 橡胶) Abbreviations, RB sole is rubber sole, just a different name, also called vulcanized soles. But the rubber sole with light often bubble ( 医学博士) Stick together and do sports shoes sole. Material is, of course, rubber, high temperature, the characteristics of the rubber sole is wear-resistant, non-slip, shock absorption, weight, quality, in order to overcome the heavy, most sneakers made low md.

shoes made of rubber soles, rubber is a kind of natural material, is a kind of materials from the nature, so has the role of green environmental protection, so it is used above the bottom of the safety shoes. Because is the natural rubber soles, so the density is big, make the safe words tend to be heavier, and safety shoes of some special requirements, the whole a pair of safety shoes do down are heavy. But in many cases, will choose this type safety shoes, because it has wear-resisting prevent slippery effect.

they are strengths: rubber is a kind of very traditional shoes is old, but in wear-resisting, high temperature resistant performance is excellent. And RB soles is a new type of material, lightweight easy to shape.

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