Roman Egypt the feet or foot of Greece? Choose the sole has exquisite!

by:BEF     2020-07-03

Roman Egypt the feet or foot of Greece? Choose the sole has exquisite! Before buy buy buy, first of all, to know your own feet.

Roman Egypt the feet or foot of Greece? Choose the sole has exquisite! Common foot type can be divided into three kinds, as above, in the order (from left to right 1) Egypt's feet, 2) Roman feet, ( 3) Greece's foot. 1. Thumb up - — Egypt foot

in China, such as foot type is the most common, about 60%, medical point of view and also the 'practical' foot type. Egypt foot soles: with Egypt's Match is the top of the shoe a little tilt soles, such as common oblique pointed, round head. For Egypt foot big toe particularly prominent, usually wears very symmetrical pointy shoes to walk, easy to common over time.

2。 Toes are long, almost no particular - — Roman feet

Roman foot soles: all say Rome foot is born to ballet feet, dance teacher when choosing students will focus on their foot type. Roman feet very suitable for wearing some square toe shoes of restoring ancient ways, such as li-zhen ma shoes; Or the shoes head wide round head.

3。 The second longest toe - — Greece's foot. Is beauty all say Greece the feet, actually refers to the Greek feet in the proportion of beauty ( 40%) Far higher than Egypt foot or at the foot of the Rome the female proportion ( 5%) 。 The study found that people with Greek foot bones to be more perfect, limbs will be relatively long. The statue of liberty in New York, and statues of Greek gods are Greek.

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