Role of PU insoles for safety?

by:BEF     2020-07-14
With podiatric case rising every year, people to the health of the foot and keeping in good health also began to spread, according to relevant data show that the European and American countries people long ago attaches great importance to the choice of insoles, have developed in daily habits will not less than three pairs of insoles for replacement, to keep your feet clean, and work, in the present, the national knowledge of PU insoles safety are few and far between. Safety shoes in the bed is flat, but your foot is not, therefore when walking foot will slide inside the shoe, when walk every step will take a little more strength, long-term accumulated more easy to increase various kinds of trauma, use the safety stereo PU insoles can fill the gap between the soles of your feet and shoes bed, reduce the soles of your feet in the shoes of sliding. With followed by a retainer cup insole PU security can reduce walking heel landing place, so as to reduce the chance of fatigue and trauma. For PU insoles also belongs to the category of consumables, security for a long time that the violent games some flexibility is reduced, so must be timely replacement new insoles to protect their feet, it must pay attention!
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