Riches and honour bird shoe soles wear day can't lousy businessman says substandard goods three guarantees

by:BEF     2020-07-06

$150 shoes soles wear all day is bad businessman says & quot; Substandard goods & quot; Don't & quot; 3 packets & quot;

- southeast of network Channel metropolis daily on July 23 ( This net reporter shi-guo Chen interns Liang Huaqi article/photo) The shishi the riches and honour bird 'agencies', the businessman said 'substandard goods' is not '3 packets'; 'Yesterday morning, Mr. Hung in anhui with new old shoes, buy shoes in the shoe store in the' show 'to other customers.

he the day before yesterday in the shishi the riches and honour bird 'agencies' bought this pair of shoes, the sole it broke. Mr. Hung is put forward in shoes or refund, merchants insisted that is 'substandard goods', not '3 packets', can only be soled.


new shoes the next day as the end of the

yesterday at 11:00 am, Mr. Hung to shishi city nine 2 a riches and honour bird 'agencies' before the store, holding a pair of riches and honour bird brand black leather shoes, two shoes soles have several damaged, broken.

Mr. Hung said that this pair of shoes is 21 morning spend 150 yuan to buy, buy only know is special shoes. 'Before and after wearing only a few hours, the next morning when the shoe, oneself were startled'.

coordination, Mr. Hung and he took the shoes at the door waiting for you, there is a guest into the store, he went to him. Alternative activist, says Mr Hong's 'effect', some consumers saw don't came into the shop. Merchants

may deposit time is too long

a number of staff, told reporters admitted that this pair of shoes is 21, sell, but at the same time, there was that this is 'substandard goods', not '3 packets'.

'this pair of shoes may be the storage time is long, end of bad, can only be seen as individual case', a salesperson explains. Finally, the hotel agreed to free soled, but Mr. Hung insisted in new shoes or refund, he thinks, even if the substandard goods, also should have the basic quality assurance, 'even if wear more bad can accept' in the next few days. Department

'special offer' different 'substandard goods'

12315 TouSuTai shishi city industrial and commercial bureau said a staff member, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, 'bargain' businesses should be responsible for the repair, baotui, proven according to related regulations, not to format contracts, notices, statement, shop notices, etc to make unfair and unreasonable rules.

'substandard goods' is to have quality defects or other problems of unmarketable products, merchants can not 'three guarantees' responsibility, but need to inform the consumer before selling.

12315 staff to remind consumers to distinguish between 'bargain' and 'substandard goods', asking whether '3 packets', 'substandard goods' should ask 'processing'. Lawyer

goods quality to guarantee

stone lion lion dancing lawyers Zheng Pingshen thinks, whether bargains or substandard goods, should have a certain quality assurance or warranty, severe unqualified quality defective is not equal to quality. At the same time, even a substandard goods, the businessman should also actively, and merchants have the burden of proof, can't proof it should be replaced or a refund.

Mr. Hung disrupt normal behavior? Mr Hong, Mr. Zheng thinks, rights of way, but not yet infringement, the two sides should be dealt with through negotiation or 12315. Sole son descend down

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