Reveal the making process of the dongguan plastic in baotou

by:BEF     2020-07-20
With the rapid development of science and technology, industry demand for labor insurance shoes now growing, the use of labor insurance shoes also is commonly used in some special circumstances, request according to the environment to achieve anti-static or conductive or insulation, and other functions. Affected by the factors such as work environment, in appearance and production material selection also have higher requirements. Dongguan plastic baotou production industry reputation all over the country are quite loud, so its production process and how? In the use of a raw material, dongguan plastic baotou PC material particles also called polycarbonate (PC), polycarbonate (PC) as a thermoplastic, production technology of extrusion processing is one kind of important method, extrusion molding of polycarbonate PC products from the perspective of the consumption of raw materials, after injection molding products. Polycarbonate (PC) of the extrusion forming process, the first is relying on extruder screw after delivery, the material compaction, and further melting, make plastic is in a state of completely uniform plasticizing, then die out through the mouth, under pressure after molding machinery of finalize the design, made people need cooling products. This is dongguan plastic baotou production process, to learn more strong can browse on the official website of surplus commodities.
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