Responsible for employee safety, to teach you to distinguish the quality of the safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-25
In the process of production, safety work is only a starting point, there is no end, especially the safety, for employees, the quality problem of the safety shoes is for production safety of the employees of an important reason, so how to identify the quality of the safety shoes? 1, check the safety shoes and safety shoes in the selected safety shoes design and color, first check whether the safety shoes material is real, is required. Want to distinguish real leather or fake leather, cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin, or other leather. Leather surface is smooth, fine particles and high intensity; Pig skin surface pore bigger, more rough, appearance is better than cow leather; Skin surface is fine, soft texture. Real leather hand feels acerbity feeling, artificial leather is smooth. Real leather safety section layer has a fixed layer of epidermis and upper leather fiber, artificial leather, not only cloth or leather fibre composite material, and the smells of chemical raw materials. High quality qualified safety shoes should be fine leather, brightness, with double color should be consistent with the part, no color, no disability. Finger presses face not loose surface, coating layer off no crack; In safety shoes material also should be a natural leather, and it is best to sheep leather. Artificial leather safety shoes because of poor air permeability, and clique parts easy to wear broken mouth, after therefore is regarded as low safety shoes. Safety shoes material requirements in the soft soft, uniform thickness, not easy to fall off and rub off. 2, check the safety shoe soles materials mainly include rubber, plastic, rubber and plastic and used materials, polyurethane, natural leather, etc. When the choose and buy to check whether the outsole is flat, decorative pattern is clear, the pressure safety soles gently with nails, elastic, don't be too hard, not peeling off. Otherwise, it is safe soles glue content is low, too much use of reclaimed rubber filler, easy to fracture, not durable. 3, check the safety heel heel should be installed firmly, break should not loose deformation or by hand. With safety shoes should pay attention to safety, high in the heel quality identification, safety shoes can be flat on the counter, should be smooth, followed by the palm side should be able to contact all mesa, hands shaking; High heels should be consistent with double security. 4, check the hook hook heart heart is installed in the security safety shoes outsole and the bottom of them support to finalize the design between the function of key components, from the outside can't see it. When the choose and buy, the safety shoes flat on table, and on the application heart, quality should not be soft deformation. Hook on the other hand, suggests that the poor quality of the heart, wear after the flank area will be under convex or concave deformation, make the foot feels very uncomfortable, walk the pain, the influence is healthy, even make the foot injury.
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