Requirements of sustainable and healthy development of Chinese shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-30
Economic development guides people's needs, while the demand is to create a market, led the current for labor insurance shoes, from the original, also needs the leading to the current popular, because of the demand, also makes the labor insurance shoes in the current labor insurance occupies an extremely important position in the market, welcomed by the various and use. And with the development of economy, the change and improvement of awareness, demand for labor insurance shoes also change, of course, in order to better cater to the needs of the market, also makes possible the benign development of labor insurance shoes, we also according to the current actual situation, puts forward some ideas for the development of Chinese shoes industry. 1, improve the overall quality of the labor insurance shoes this is mainly choose to use a high standard as the basic raw materials, according to the analysis of the current market the current market for upper leather, appearance and soles weight requirement is becoming more and more high. And it makes the situation is urgent, must grasp. 2, for labor insurance shoes for the development of new raw materials at present, China's overall in terms of labor insurance shoes a level is relatively low, still need to export some high-end products, to promote the development of new materials is also a must. 3, the equipment more perfect unit level directly affects the labor insurance shoes also pressed a quality, the construction level, for the quality of the industry of our country labor insurance shoes industry as a whole ascension also has extremely far-reaching significance. 4, the diversification of products, functional, costliness this one is for labor insurance shoes is the most basic request, to cater to the demand of the market, only according to the dynamics of the market constantly develop diversity, the versatility labor insurance shoes with fashion style to make the development of the market in a benign. From these points, we can further promote the development of career of our country labor insurance shoes, further enhance the overall level of technology, with international standards.
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