Remove rubber soles, yellow stains?

by:BEF     2020-07-01

a, rubber soles, yellow stains with a soft brush gently touch some toothpaste on it. The toothpaste contains fluoride but good cleaning detergent.

2, rubber shoes soles in accordance with the material of detailed distinguish, can be divided into natural rubber shoes, wear-resisting rubber shoes, artificial rubber shoes, mixing rubber shoes, Eva rubber shoes and so on. Sole use of chemical synthetic material is more, general winter can choose relatively cold-resistant material, be about to choose the material of high temperature resistance in summer. And rubber shoes because of its high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good extension is more wear-resisting, so welcomed by the majority of sports enthusiasts. Rubber shoes at the time of cleaning and maintenance need to pay attention to the following way: who made from rubber soles, high elasticity, wear resistance, resistance to slide, etc, but in the smooth floor ( Such as: ceramic tile, marble floors, etc. ) Water, lost the function of the slide, so please be careful when wearing consumers.

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