Reducing the occurrence of safety accidents, the construction site need to have a pair of such labor insurance shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-03
In our impression, electrician will wear insulated shoes, ore under operation workers will wear mining boots, and the workers at the scene of the construction site is not bound to wear labor insurance shoes. Fact is true, also in the construction site, you may meet all kinds of shoes to wear, even some still wear leather shoes, and when the accident happened, then remember to wear a pair of labor insurance shoes, I'm afraid it is too late. Why do we emphasize on the construction site site also need a pair of labor insurance shoes? This is because the special function of labor insurance shoes, it is designed to protect our feet, to reduce the financial burden of the foot, but also for its external feet have very good protection effect, especially for complex construction site, may be a bit not careful we will step on boards with nails, or there is a broken glass surface, but after you put on a pair of labor insurance shoes, if there is any endanger the feet, it can have very good protection effect. In addition, labor insurance shoes soles is also can prevent slippery. Working in the built in steel structure, have a pair of antiskid labor insurance shoes is crucial, walking on the steel frame, after all, is different from ordinary roads, and sometimes it might rain, if accidentally slipped, consequence is unimaginable. So, this time to prepare a pair of labor insurance shoes is necessary. In addition, the enterprise should also improve employee safety consciousness, popularize knowledge of safety, strengthen supervision, to reduce the work site safety accidents. Only let the workers have a comprehensive understanding, can radically reduce safety accidents happen!
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