Reclaimed rubber which can be used in the production of rubber sole

by:BEF     2020-07-03

reclaimed rubber application in the shoe sole is varied, have discussed about how to use the reclaimed rubber better before end of production in the black bottoms and sponge, today will continue to discuss about the other two types of soles can use reclaimed rubber production.

surface or bottom

rubber for rubber shoes need special rubber shoes sole raw materials with high surface hardness, therefore the main raw material can choose low grade of natural rubber, coupled with its 7 - Eight times the amount of reclaimed rubber, rubber content at 5% 10%, in order to reduce costs can also add a lot of heavy calcium carbonate, clay and other cheap filler material.

heel bottom material is used to support the heel part and upper after foundation, wear it can accelerate the help fell lousy, so we need the raw material with good abrasion resistance. If a certain amount of tread reclaimed rubber is added in the formula can significantly improve products own tear resistance and resistance to flexible performance, can also increase the dosage of sulfur to improve abrasion resistance, we can refer to the following formula:

natural rubber: 85; Styrene butadiene rubber: 15; Tread reclaimed rubber, 10; Sulfur: 4. 4. Accelerator M: 1. 3; Accelerator DM: 0. 6; Accelerator D: 0. 95; Zno: 4; Stearic acid: 2; High wear-resistant carbon black: 45; Light calcium carbonate: 54; Clay: 60; Industrial fat: 2. 5; Oil: 15; Antiscorching agent: 0. 25. Total: 300.

import tire reclaimed rubber factory in hebei bonanza top super fine reclaimed rubber to choose 900-80 mesh above 1200 import bridgestone, Michelin, waste tire rubber powder by magnetic separation, desulfurization, filtering, refined molding production nano-scale thin ion tyre reclaimed rubber, high fineness, the proportion of small, high strength, good elasticity, gb has no taste. Join in the process of using chemical raw materials mixing for 12 to 24 hours after the production of rubber products can achieve the best effect, used by thousands of companies are in significantly reduced the cost of production at the same time, to ensure the quality of the product can be used in the production of various kinds of sole, or the best material in the manufacture of the black high tenacity extrusion products, such as rubber bladder, inner tube, rubber hose, rubber strip, wire and cable, etc.

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