Raw rubber shoes and Oxford shoes are rubber sole

by:BEF     2020-06-25
A lot of people at the time of buying shoes have such doubt, raw rubber shoes soles, rubber soles and what is the difference between Oxford shoe, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Today, to tell you about it.

actually, raw rubber shoes and Oxford shoes are rubber sole. Rubber is without shape. Mixing of rubber and its injection effect is poorer, density and low hardness, wear and tear will be some serious than other sole, and relatively easy to change color, but the feelings of wearing is comfortable.

beef tendon is a pale yellow translucent shoes, because of its color and shape are like beef tendon, so therefore called beef tendon. This is artificial more sturdy soles, also known as thermoplastic elastic rubber soles, initially used as sandals production is more, the material of the sole can either use rubber, plastic can also be used to do, more beautiful appearance, elasticity and abrasion resistance is good, wearing comfortable, start to no sound, as sneakers and daily use is more of a material.

rubber Oxford low efflorescence of happens long period of time, the surface will have a layer of mist secretions, however, with the development of the technology now, a lot of rubber mist secretion is not be found at the bottom of the Oxford, difficult dripping phenomenon occurring during burning, and there will be a little black smoke.

above is introduced about raw rubber shoes and Oxford shoes, everyone know?

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