Puncture proof fabric used on the market at present in the bottom of what kind of?

by:BEF     2020-07-14
As the saying goes 's) in the practise,. 'To say the most eat bitter is number of soldiers in our army brothers. In the training process, are often faced with, such as the jungle and Rocky Mountains many complicated environment, to this, this requires soldiers wearing combat boots shoes should have a good puncture resistant. Training boots performance in addition to want to achieve certain puncture resistant, also should have appropriate comfort. This means that boots at the end of application in puncture proof cloth to have qualitative light, soft, can at the same time of providing effective protection can not limit the flexibility of the wearer. Puncture proof materials mainly used in the market now is end of metal and alloy materials, leather materials and textile composite material of the three. Due to the thermal conductivity of the metal material fast, adhesive performance is poor and poor and qu torsion performance affects the wearing comfort, already was eliminated by the market. Although soles leather materials is a good sweat absorption, moisture resistant and water vapor permeability performance, but due to the puncture force is weak, cannot satisfy to consumers for the pursuit of puncture resistant. Aramid fibers in the fabric composite material, with high tensile strong bottom, low density, high elastic modulus and excellent thermal stability, good performance, widely used bulletproof helmets and body armor on the industry, and that extends to the special shoes. As early as in 1987 France have corresponding patent. Use aramid polyamide fabric layer on the big lie can effectively prevent the feet step on sharp objects may lead to injury, just then, the U. S. also used in the new combat boots in the aramid fiber and puncture-proof cloth bottom as puncture resistance layer, an increase of the defensive, also let the comfortable bottom upgrade. For training in this matter, soldier brother is summed up a truth 'people can't get too comfortable, too comfortable problems will emerge. 'Actually this sentence is very reasonable! Bitter tired is required for all the army recruits, not the past. 'Only at the training ground to sweat more, can less bleeding on the battlefield, now things are for the future of the post-war a sweet victory! ! ! ! !
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