Puncture proof cloth bottom is how to have ability of piercing

by:BEF     2020-07-15
Through constant innovation and transformation, with the puncture prevention safety shoes now. Its main use is in a special environment of the workers wore, different from the ordinary insoles on the market, not easy to deformation, damage and corrosive materials, not easy to inhale harmful nature of the request, basic it is unattainable. And puncture prevention safety shoes as protective supplies necessary work shoes, can provide to the foot of the security is very important. In order to give the wearer security and comfort, safety shoes in the bottom is after many times innovation. Began to prevent puncture of cloth bottom replaced steel in the bottom, most people with a suspicious attitude to treat, watching with general insoles is not much difference, it is really reliable? Really want to know to what extent it against the piercing force is very simple, the fabric weight is the weight per unit area of square meters. Square meter weight fabric, the greater the wear more cumbersome; The smaller square meters heavy, in the light. In the process of wearing, should take extra sex and portability. The better the performance of the fabric density, the greater the extra. Fabric of extra performance is better than the other fabric because of ground, ground by twisting unceasingly, makes the fabric weave weave structure is very stable. On the choice of fabric material, and puncture-proof cloth bottom used in polyester filament, is by the length of km above the silk, filament winding is formed. Strong elastic recovery ability, fast, durable, not easily deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation and other characteristics, the application of industry is very broad, from this point, you can rest assured, because of the bad product is not broad market isn't it?
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