Puncture proof cloth bottom is how to do the more joint foot type?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
Once upon a time, in the piercing cloth bottom has not improved, most of whom were made up by a fork and the ball, the production process is relatively complex, need in production and processing after bonding, thus will make the production time is long, the human cost. After completion of the production and the finished shoes will also travel to crowded, not smooth, have crack, shoe waist half a fork at the same time also can appear inside the appearance is not smooth, base and of the vamp have crack, etc. Not only affect the appearance, but also reduces the use of life and value. By structure improved puncture proof is through the cloth in the bottom have gap in heel and the shoe waist half a fork into a thick and thin, after making the product more level off, also do not have aperture, more smoothly. Also facilitate hunt, outsole, more smooth appearance, in the bottom and the vamp inside without aperture, is set up inside the ball also waterproof, set the waterproof and shoe waist and a half after his fork a whole manufacturing to product welt here is more accurate, no longer need to additional processing, laminating, product performance more stable. At the same time also has the advantages of simple structure, low cost. Have a good economic benefit. For the shape of the ball can also be customized, circular, pointed is not restricted. Customer if you have any requirements on the thickness also can undertake certain adjustments in production, is very flexible. After comparison, you will find today's piercing cloth in the bottom more than before to understand the needs of consumers, you say be?
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