PU sole characteristics with rubber sole

by:BEF     2020-11-23

sports shoes at the bottom of the soles of shoes of pu rubber soles is a very traditional, very old, but in wear-resisting, high temperature resistant performance is good!

is a new type of PU sole material, also known as polyurethane, light weight and easy to shape. 1. Shoes made of rubber soles, rubber is a kind of natural material, from nature, so has the function of environmental protection, which is often used in sandals uppers. Because it is a natural rubber soles, density is relatively large, if make soles, usually heavier. However, in many cases, customers will choose this kind of shoes, because it is wear-resisting and prevent slippery effect. 2. PU, also known as PU, originated in Germany during the second world war the PU is a kind of environmental protection material, easy to hydrolysis, but in the normal dry environment have excellent physical properties. Due to the low temperature of PU and low skid resistance, many cotton shoes made of PU sole bottom is coated with TPR or PVC tendon. Obviously, PU material of the sole is very light, so the customer requires the use of shoes made of this material can meet the requirements of relatively light, so more wear-resisting rubber soles.

PU sole supplier to teach you, how to distinguish between size of your shoes

international standard shoe number represents the foot long millimeters.

China standard adopted mm number or centimeters. Such as: the number is 245 mm, is 24 1/2 cm, said the same size.

the People's Republic of China light industry standard QB/T1002 - 2005 'shoes', and the standard in accordance with the requirements shall be formally implemented, on September 1, the new shoe no longer use the code label, unified highlighted in mm. Conversion formula: The code + 10) X 5 = China shoe number, such as the size 35 shoes, the corresponding Chinese shoe number is 225; European yards 37 corresponding Chinese shoe number is 235. Specific as follows: no. 34 - 220毫米; No. 35 - — 225毫米; 36 - — 230MM; 37 - — 235MM; 38 - — 240毫米; 39 - — 245毫米; No. 40 - — 250毫米; 41 - — 255毫米; 42 - — 260MM; Number 43 - — 265毫米; 44 - — 270毫米; 45 - — 275MM。 There are zero. No. 5 plus 2. 5 mm.

in addition to other countries or regions conversion formula is:

cm x 2-10 (= the system O + 10) Present = 2 cm number

- 17 cm. 5 = american-made american-made + 17. 5 = number of cm

cm number 18. 5 = inch inch + 18. 5 = number of cm

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