Pu sole, and Eva soles, what is the difference between the md sole?

by:BEF     2020-06-30

1, is now in the shoe bottom I think I don't say a lot of people will know, that is in the PHYLON bottom, and EVA in the bottom of the most common. In fact in the two bottom belong to the same property category (namely Engineering plastics class) , but why have the different name? PHYLON originated in the United States, the earliest shoes bottom are called PHYLON, not in the EVA bottom and bottom in the PHYLON, then with the development of the footwear products, in Taiwan and South Korea, some of the big brand footwear factory source for product research and development, in the end of the name of the points more systematic, have we now call EVA in the bottom. Let me in the popular talk about EVA and PHYLON between different.

shoes in the bottom now use most is bottom of PHYLON, PHYLON biggest characteristic is light, good elasticity, has the very good cushioning properties, PHYLON is called the secondary foam. The EVA bottom is very light, but the cushioning properties and elastic far than the PHYLON bottom, cost is much lower than the PHYLON, EVA in the bottom is called a foaming. They attribute, the name is different, the performance of different reason lies in the PHYLON are secondary foam, EVA is a foaming.

( 1) A foam: the material injection mold by high temperature after heating time after molding shoes in the bottom, is called a foam in the bottom, bottom of the EVA shoes.

( 2) Secondary foam: after the material injection mold, by high temperature after heating fire twice molding shoes in the bottom, is called the secondary foam in the bottom, namely we often say the PHYLON bottom. PHYLON hardness is controlled by temperature, in the process of fire in the PHYLON bottom, the higher the temperature, the greater the density of burn-out PHYLON, will be hard. Temperature, the smaller the natural burn-out PHYLON is the lighter the soft, so the stand or fall of evaluation in the shoe bottom can't measured in weight or is the degree of hardness and softness.

( 3) Bales cloth burned in the bottom: cloth burned in the bottom and a bottom of PHYLON, but the design feeling of the whole of the designer in order to pursue a shoe-making technology, the best example of this is, shoe soles and shoe body with the same kind of fabric, the combination of the whole, makes the shoe body and sole is one of the highlights of the shoes production process. Implement the process is wrapped in selected fabrics, established the PHYLON bottom, high temperature in the mould, becomes the LB1 as we see cloth texture of shoes in the bottom.

2, PU sole: in addition to the PHYLON bottom and bottom in the EVA, bottom is also common in PU, PU in the bottom of the biggest advantage is better elasticity and toughness.

3, the bottom of the package, now a lot of shoes in the bottom with built-in structure, also called the bottom of the package. T - as familiar MAC series, NIKE FengPa series are belong to the bottom of the package structure, the bottom of the package from outwardly composed of outsole and upper two most, but the structure or bottoms, and shoes in the bottom surface of three parts, just wrapped in the bottom in the inside of the instep.

insole and integral sole

1, the inner bottom: insole acid can also do a form of the bottom of the package, and the bottom of the package, the inner bottom structure is wrapped up in a big shoes at the bottom, for example FORCE1, even within the bottom structure, and not like the sight of the appearance of the whole rubber soles, actually in the inside of the rubber sole is with shoes, at the bottom of the bottom is also called MD in the bottom, belongs to a kind of a EVA foam.

2, monolithic sole:

1) Monolithic sole, the most common is a EVA foam molding soles, this kind of sole costs, and prevent slippery degree and poor, sole touchs the water like a put on roller skates. REEBOK 3 d sole is a the EVA foam molding soles for the best 'face'.

( 3) PU whole sole: ADI and NIKE use the soles are not many, PU sole belongs to cold molding soles. PU bottom feature is portable, but should not touch water, what will happen when meet water chemistry and one layer of corrosion.

( 4) More than pure rubber sole, rubber sole for outdoor climbing shoes, or work shoes, electrician shoes. The sole real consists of rubber, advantage is wear-resisting antiskid, the disadvantage is that weight is too big. The CAT work shoes with the soles, also called insulation soles.

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