Pu shoe sole with what water can wash?

by:BEF     2020-07-07

online selling leather cleaner, cleaner, but it is not washed, but cleaner daub leather surface, then brush the bubble, wipe, clean leather surface looks so many. Actually the harm of leather goods is bigger, use these products, leather goods will begin from dermal layer corrosion, mildew more likely, so it's best to be washing to dry.

can be washed. But to choose to detergent. Against the two-thirds the amount of paper cups - in the water - - - - - - Lili can shower - - - - - - - , the pu leather soak for 10 minutes, and then with handle gently pressing, dirty water will come out at this moment, and then use a sponge brush partial dirt, dirty water out of the little just rinse once, the dirty water out, rinse 2 - 3 times. And then into the net, dehydration, and then naturally air-dried.

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