PU insoles safety will deformation after long time?

by:BEF     2020-07-12
Concerning the definition of a good pair of shoes, it is to be comfortable. This is the recognition of the general public, but why after wearing such a comfortable shoes, the heel pain how still happen? That's all look down upon the insoles for such small things. Insoles besides can increase the comfort of shoes itself, also can rise to improve retainer, alleviate foot fatigue caused by long time movement, shock at the same time, reduce the impact of the foot and knee injuries. And foot heel pain occurs, mostly because there is no choice of insoles, without the proper use of insoles the harm of human body can be more than sufficient heel pain so simple, long down also can cause lumbago, sufficient evaginate, hallux valgus, Achilles tendinitis, leg deformation and a series of problems. But everyone is not the same foot type, that how to choose? Can choose according to the arch height, usually high arches of strephenopodia probability is bigger, if long time like the tilt Angle is too large will cause legs and lower back pain, ligament, a series of problems, gait will also change, most notably the knee deformation increased influence legs, PU insoles can be adjusted to a certain extent safety is line of force, provide the effect of damping discharge power, auxiliary correctional leg deformation. Avoid strenuous exercise, to reduce the joint torques relieve knee pain is also helpful. And flat feet didn't get the correct word for a long time, because of foot points, sufficient evaginate probability, long-term also exacerbate the gait and the change of the legs. Improved method can be a reference to, choose to suit their own foot type PU insoles, security balance, the stress of the support foot points to correct foot type. In how comfort shoes, insoles has played a key role, PU safety insole softness and flexibility are better, and no deformation, wear long soft elastic, compared with EVA, silicone material, flexibility, comfort, functional sex is good, but it still needs to consumers must be according to your foot type when buy buy suitable insole.
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