Production safety, labor protection articles

by:BEF     2020-11-29
“ Production safety month & throughout; Is approved by the State Council, the state economic commission, the state construction committee, the national defense GongBan, finance &trade group, the national agriculture commission, Ministry of Public Security under the State Council, the ministry of health, the national labor bureau, the national federation of trade unions and the broadcasting bureau and so on ten departments jointly make a decision, in May 1980 in the country to carry out the safety in production, and to determine the future of June every year to carry out the safety in production, regularization and institutionalization. We conduct safety month activities, is to ensure that labor safety, production safety security work into effect, achieve tangible with meat. The rapid development of national economy, more and more enterprises to continuously strengthen production management, including security has become the consensus of many enterprises, the protective equipment required for the workers to work is the first barrier, the safety shoes is a kind of indispensable, especially in the construction site and power machinery industry is used by many people. On production safety, Labour protection is all the more important, workers need to be adequate labor safety protection, the details of preventive begin. The widespread popularity of safety shoes in daily work, alternatives to traditional heavy airtight labor insurance shoes which is a kind of progress, is also practical to carry out the key step of labor protection, it also from the other side that now people's labor safety consciousness is generally improved, more and more people begin to pay close attention to their own labor safety protection, the protection device and begin to reduce labor of accident harm, to ensure the safety of your own! Ohlendorf, admittedly, production safety, mission only consciousness, only as on action, thoughts, after all, is a guide to action. But, if we just put the month of production safety as a movement to do, do face project, after some workers enter the construction site safety production month also wear ordinary shoes, this only shows that safety in production safety accident again work carries out does not reach the designated position. Why do you say that? Because of unsafe factor is always accompanied by our daily life and work, as long as didn't foresee risk factors exist, is always the possibility of accident, & other; Security comes from long-term vigilance, accident is derived from the instantaneous paralysis & throughout; It is for this reason, the said. Safe development, peaceful country and safe people, we need to yueyue is safe, safe everyday, every moment of the day. “ Happily go to work, come home safely & throughout; How much is the family concerns for relatives. So we're going to see the use of the appliances for labor protection as part of the daily production safety activities. Production safety month should be a microcosm of our daily safe production. Only in this way can production safety concept into everyone's heart, safety in production activities can be integrated into everyone's daily life and work. Hebi co. , LTD. , the production of safety shoes in line with national safety standards in the quality of labor insurance products, and to international standard for the European Union CE certification, a single point of view, this product is better than other ordinary labor insurance shoes, secondly the quality safety shoes products, wear comfortable, fashion casual, it is the other common labor insurance shoes do not have product advantage, choose the shoes are not afraid to shop around, because a good product will talk yourself!
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