Production enterprise office personnel must wear labor insurance shoes, too

by:BEF     2020-12-02
Labor insurance shoes in workers need to wear at work, such as loggers, railway workers, construction workers, circuit maintenance workers, etc. , because of their work must wear labor insurance shoes to corresponding operations, there seems to be without some safety rules and regulations for office workers to wear labor insurance shoes production enterprises, especially for those who need to contact the workshop office staff, they don't need to wear labor insurance shoes? The answer is of course not. Labor insurance shoes is work shoes, with a certain safety protection functions for office civilian enterprise, because of their main work environment is in the office, no too many risk factors, under normal circumstances, can not wear shoes labor protection. But there are still some civilian personnel office, they because of the needs of work, sometimes need to enter the fraught with danger, uncertainty factors more production workshop, if the agent did not wear labor insurance shoes into the shop, and they are not familiar with the workshop environment, the risk will happen at any time, a foot injury, stab wounds, burns, electric injury and other accidents, so enterprises should also configure labor insurance shoes for the office clerk, in case of need. When the clerk in the office, don't need to wear labor insurance shoes, but when they have a need to enter the production workshop, must wear labor insurance shoes. To facilitate the management, the enterprise can purchase some extra labor insurance shoes, placed in the workshop the gatehouse when the agent or the visitors need to enter the shop, you can give them labor insurance shoes, register in the workshop, so we can reduce the number of many safety accidents. See if better introduction, and think it is no longer redundant, safety protection is no small matter, even the office staff, if they involve dangerous sites, it is necessary for them to purchase labor insurance shoes, safety hidden danger existed around us, completes the protection is an effective measure to reduce accidents in advance.
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