Printing industry if there is no good antistatic work?

by:BEF     2020-07-22
Speaking of China's four great inventions, believe that we all know, papermaking, the compass, gunpowder, and printing, the invention not only China have brought the invention of the politics, economy and culture brings a huge boost, but also for the world civilization had a great effect. Have had the opportunity to see about ancient printing analog video, every time I think of all can't help but to wonder, in the same material is not very rich s, ancient also can do it very fine and high quality. After many years of the baptism of culture, great changes have taken place in printing. From manual operation to the present mechanical operation, intelligent to be put into use, not only keep quality, and the number came up. But still have to speak a little bit is in the production process of antistatic bottom put into use, because the printing is done on an object's surface, electrostatic phenomena are mainly displayed in the object surface, the relationship between the natural is also very close. And in the process of printing with frequent collision, friction and contact separation process. Will be almost all the objects with electrostatic printing process. Why do you say in the process of printing, anti-static work is so important? First is charged of substrates surface, such as paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane can adsorption confetti or diffuse in the air of dust and other impurities, it affect the ink transfer, reduce the ink transfer rate, can cause a 'take', in print or winding slippage due to repel each other, winding. Followed by the ink with electric charge, if the ink on the printing quality of a charge line is the edge of the discharge, will 'ink must be' may occur. In addition, the ink developed resistance because the charged fog, causing serious pollution of the print and printing environment charged substrates in serious when may even be caused by ultra high voltage discharge air, causing electric shocks or fire, high-speed printing presses in the many parts because of the strong the function of high speed produces a lot of static electricity, electric device imperfect elimination of old paper rotary press at high speed, sometimes some location of voltage up to 15000 v, current also has about 100 ua, such a powerful voltage and current for the printing process is complicated, the influence of harm is quite serious. Printing quality of the finished product will not only greatly reduced, will cause the abandonment of products, at the same time, it will bring the corresponding to the operating personnel, anti-static work not only is the bottom, and antistatic and anti-static floor, anti-static hand rope is be short of one cannot antistatic tools, such as short as will make the effect of antistatic.
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