Prevention of using common cutting?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Tomorrow, is China's National Day, to this day I always think of a word, we are not living in a peaceful era, but the peace was born in China, therefore, is really my great motherland. Neighboring countries fight for protective equipment development and production in the body is never stopped. Protective equipment mainly refers to the people industry personnel for physical, chemical and biological defense all the outside factors such as damage, supporting and use labor protection articles. Cut cloth, such as: the protective helmets, riot, cut gloves are belong to the category of protective equipment. People in China is to ban the sale and use of guns, so our focus is on protecting the body from the harm such as knives, daggers of armor. Soldiers faced in the wild by nails, branches and other sharp objects to Pierce the body of situation is meeting some, these circumstances are researchers as the research direction. Individual protective equipment has been widely used in every field of society, the civil aspect, the use of extra armor, including taxi drivers, the movement of the swordsman protection, construction workers and the repairman industrial protective armor and field of environment protection, etc. In respect of military is a soldier in the field of cutting cloth, the use of extra helmet, puncture-proof shoes, etc. To really protect the personal safety, the first to know the cut cloth to use what kind of material, it is very important, you can see here where the durability of thorns force. Durable thorn is main fibre tensile strength and the cutting strength and the function of the factors such as the fabric structure is tight. Now, with the emergence of high fibre fabrics used, most of the extra fabric are beginning to use high performance fiber density caused by larger puncture-proof fabric, compared with the previous cut cloth, has the advantages of lightweight, flexible.
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