Prevent slippery and characteristics of Chinese shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-27
Antiskid labor insurance shoes is a kind of labor insurance shoes, mainly through the selection of the material of outsole and background of the design to improve the sliding resistance and abrasion resistance of labor insurance shoes, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-skid. In the workshop there is oil on the surface or ground water or on the floor with outdoor wet place, slip, trip or fall in the same height is a common accident, when evaluating antiskid, need from the ground, pollutants, footwear, pedestrians, personal factors, clean and environment in many aspects to consider. To reduce the accident, in addition to take engineering control and administrative means, wear proper anti-slip labor insurance shoes also can yet be regarded as a kind of effective risk control measures. Wear proper anti-slip labor insurance shoes, can receive reduce unexpected results, and should choose standard antiskid labor insurance shoes, need to refer to skid test reports, must pay attention to whether or not the test conditions of practical application. Labor insurance shoes outsole decorative pattern of resistance to sliding is holding a design, namely reduce the outside background peak, namely reduce the corolla. This is the road to labor insurance shoes in relatively soft wear, corolla can more or less into the ground, have the effect of slip resistance; Secondly, the design of thin sheet pattern, this pattern outsole wear unavailable, under pressure, lamellar pattern are dumping, the dumping of the film after increasing the surface area of the contact with the ground, resulting in a better resistance to slip, this pattern is suitable for hard and smooth surface. Labor insurance shoes outsole decorative pattern is another kind of design method of sliding resistance of adsorption, adsorption is out at the end of the ball is followed by a few parts of the design several bowls of suction cups, with the bending of shoes, when chuck contact and adsorption on the ground, have the effect of slip resistance. Is also a labor insurance shoes, the use of rubber soles of shoes is better than using polyurethane soles skid resistance, is also a labor insurance shoes with rubber soles, grain deep, such as large particles of outsole, grain complex deep anti-skid performance is good. But urethane elastomers in high-performance applications has nearly 40 years of history, Chinese shoes formula for its application in labor insurance shoes soles, diversification, low weight selection and extraordinary durability and other characteristics, this kind of material is more and more accepted by people.
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