Prevent cut uppers make your shoes more durable

by:BEF     2020-07-29
How about some shoes will be more durable, now on the market a lot of shoes to wear a quarter is the basic should be changed, too not durable. An aunt said to me like that. Ah, really don't know whether I because now shoes update quickly, so shoes in generally is not a long time. Have this problem, in fact, because there is no buy anti cut the shoes. First against cut vamp with the function of cutting, have no sharp, hard objects will not damaged shoes, special structure of the fabric give it excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance, unparalleled strength and good feeling to have a light, soft, colour and lustre is stable, easy and stable characteristics. Nowadays because of the cut on the surface of the shoe the quality characteristics, has been in a lot of shoes can see his shadow.
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