Prevent cut cloth used are involved in what areas?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
As people's living standards are rising, on the choice of fabric has a diverse development. At the same time as the travel security, safe travel, such as the heat and let the gens going to work for fabric has a higher safety requirements. For common use cotton fabric, the fabric is very strong in the absence of external damage, once encounter sharp knife will become very fragile, to the human body, property and so on are not very good protection effect. And for these requirements, the cut cloth can do. Common anti cut cloth on the market can be divided into hard and soft, hard is made from rigid materials such as metal wire, metal net, thus realize the protective function, but there is a big weight, poor flexibility, puncture-proof, even a bad performance, individual direction puncture-proof poor sexual shortcomings. And light against the cut cloth is composed of high fiber woven fabric against the cutting of adhesive layer, it not only can resist was cut and still play a protective role to the human body. The cut layer and fabric adhesive production to prevent cutting cloth ontology, still can add the lining is made, realize the advantages of convenient disassembly. By contrast, are more resistant to cut performance, can effectively prevent the blade and the sharp edges of the cut, and very wear-resisting, wear-resisting degree is generally hundreds of cotton clothing. For the cutting cloth clothing design more diversification, in his chest opening lap each other more than 5 cm, made the cut underwear. Cut underwear fabrics internal and the external sewing zippers and buttons, so that the cut underwear fabrics and the connection of a garment, remove the cut after the underwear, fabric can be worn when uniform, prevent cut underwear also can wear alone, and can wear the underwear after cutting cover jackets and other casual wear, this could do dress in a variety of purposes, all have prevent cutting function. Now to prevent the use of cutting cloth has gone far beyond our imagination, it has already entered the public security, armed police, security, drivers, smelting, petroleum, chemical, mining, plate processing, glass and other industries, is the escort our officers and soldiers and workers!
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