Prevent cut cloth is easily processed products?

by:BEF     2020-07-26
Technology r&d and innovation is not only to launch new products, but also a necessary process optimization of the original product defects. And the more complex the processing technology of its research and development time is relatively longer. In earlier years, the apparel has a new breakthrough in the police - — The cutting cloth. He introduced to use not only to find everything new and fresh, at the same time, also let the world wonder! How did he do it? Yeah! How did he do it? Prevent cut cloth mainly consists of substrate, adhesive and sand, cloth composite matrix by two or more than two layers of cloth or other flexible material, on the two layer or two layers of cloth and cloth fixed between the sand. Composite cloth with strong anti cutting and buffer shock absorption function, and high wear resistance, can be processed into prevent cutting bag, prevent against cutting shoes contain cut glove, cut bag of clothes, etc. In the actual production process, the composite fabric mainly through emery cloth production process now. Using composite processing is cutting resistance, requires both its has better cutting ability, and good softness, and existing tailoring and sewing machine is suitable for batch processing, however, due to the limitation of current emery cloth processing ability now, if improve the cutting performance of composite fabric, its softness is reduced, to obtain the ideal softness, its cutting performance and meets the requirements. Although the cut cloth in the machining process will encounter this or that problem, but he gives us security, this is what to me! You say!
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