Polyurethane (pu) how to stand out from numerous materials become the ideal material of making safety shoes sole

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Why do you say pu material is an ideal material to manufacture soles? 1, pu soles is soft, warm, anti-bending of, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. , are more hardwearing than rubber more than 6 times, can adjust it according to the requirements of use in a wide range of density and hardness, can be made into double color ( Dual density) Under the double soles, bottom work for micro foaming high wear-resisting surface, inner bottom to wear comfortable elastic foam. 2, very light, only 0. 3 to 0. 8, much lighter than the commonly used sole material, that impact resistance, prevent perforation of platform shoes more suitable, safety shoes all over the world ( Labor insurance shoes) Polyurethane (pu) (15% of PU) The sole of the shoe. ( Safety shoes) The low required 3, mold, making convenient investment savings ( Foam for mould pressure is small, only 0. 14 ~ 0. 2Mpa) 。 4, molding method is simple, which can be used equally production soles shoes for production, ( PU bottom and a variety of fabrics stick relay strong) Product variety and production change is flexible, suitable for modern industrial production.
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