Pebax foaming epebax assisted NIKE NIKE VS adidas adidas boost

by:BEF     2020-07-06
Nike new launch whole palm cushion against adidas Boost, personally feel friends will feel or Boost more comfortable and durable, in this game of Vapormax against the Boost, adidas Boost may be better. But Nike through PEBAX back, this time let PEBAX & quot; Big bread & quot; To counter & quot; Popcorn & quot; , who do you think will win? Nike launched a Breaking2 program by the end of last year, hand in hand with three runners towards & quot; Run the marathon in two hours & quot; Goals, understand that at present the world record for the marathon for 2 hours, 2 minutes 57 seconds, this means that every report forward must be nearly three minutes, for the difficult challenges, Nike team from various aspects, but also introduced a pick up in the new form ZoomX bottom new running shoes. The 121th session of the Boston marathon in April, the top three men Geoffrey Kirui, Galen Rupp and Suguru 'Mr. Osako; And the first and third woman Edna Kiplagat with Jordan Hasay, unexpectedly all chose the same pair of shoes & ndash; — Nike Zoom VaporFly 4%, enough to prove that the Nike brand new concept running shoes really extraordinary performance. ZoomX bottom is produced by Pebax plastic as raw material, Pebax past mostly used to make stable and support structure ( Such as Air Jordan series of Flight Speed is) , the weight is only one-third as material, but it has better effect of shock absorption buffer, and its energy feedback reached 85%. According to the Runner & rsquo; S World in the past the measure results in the laboratory for running shoes, points out that the value of the vast majority of running shoes is between 40 ~ 60%, known as the BOOST in recent years, about 70%, therefore ZoomX almost is so far feedback fare best material, this will make the soles of your feet in the process of each stamp on get help to the greatest extent. ZoomX material very light in weight, also can design team to use such a lot of material, thus achieve the ideal performance, Zoom Vaporfly Elite have 21 mm thickness in the ball alone completely subvert the traditional long-distance running shoes should be thinking of thin outsole, close to the ground. Inside also is embedded with a total length of the carbon fiber plate, the first shoe type bending upwards, second is present unique geometrical shape, will lead to the thumb on the power energy consumption, reduce forefoot and burden in the process of calf muscle in the long run. End of PEBAX big bread ZoomX VS bottom Boost continuous hot popcorn. 。 。 。 Company EPEBAX energy feedback is as high as 85%, and pebax is better than TPU durability and workability.
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