Pay special attention to the safety work is to protect life

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Again & other; Production safety month & throughout; , all kinds of safety in production activity plans and measures, depletion of safety knowledge about repeat goes each year, system measures emerge in endlessly but five to three 'with little success. System is a system that still paralysis paralysis, annual safety accidents, and even loss of life situation is still grim, safety responsibility is still a long way to go. In fact carefully study the relevant units in each year & other; Production safety month & throughout; Activities related to scheme, almost the same. In fact we know that security is not one or two activities, about three to five times the importance of security, some measure of the system on the wall can be a job, work safety is life event, it is people's life and death, the second is the life of the enterprise. Directly to say, the occurrence of safety accidents direct threat is human life, a bit not note, a energetic person may be in paralysis directly to death; Further, the influence of safety accident is the life of the enterprise, an enterprise if two gears is a safety accident, such enterprise whether in the peer competition, or in the influence of the society, certainly will fall in deep valleys, thus, a company will to die in the frequent safety accidents. Whether any enterprise, therefore, only do a good job in security work, to protect personal and corporate double & other; Throughout life &; 。 And protect life not campaigns and institutional measures introduced can be guaranteed. Production is a dynamic process, safety accident is dynamic with production together, vigorously promotes the safety work site monitoring dynamic control. Thus, while the security of the system and measures for standardized management a ring is indispensable, but grasp the focus of the work safety is process, grasp the process is to do a good job of details. Center of gravity forward, into a line is to do a good job of safety guarantee. And a line of work is to do the corresponding labor protection measures, such as for enterprise employees equipped with corresponding safety helmet, safety shoes, labor protection shoes, and so on. High and the emperor is far away to become the new safety shoes mountain ancient fortress soil overlord precondition, apparent in fact of production safety responsibility fierce in tiger, once the system of management to stay on the organ system and activity to preach, then no doubt production line will only be ignored, provision shall comply to the production line, it became the hanging on the wall decorative tools from the purpose of our work. In & other; Production safety month & throughout; Period, the activity should be carried out in a line, make construction personnel directly to the body by the importance of safety work; Security personnel should be into a line, supervise the construction of every detail; System should be five to three 'in a line, heavy penalties to punish, what things can compromise, but not only safety work & ndash; Because it's about people and the life of the enterprise!
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