Now the targeted bottom can do anti-static cloth?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
Have some of the homework, is to the requirement of anti puncture in the bottom to prevent puncture, both have to do is hope can do anti-static, most is done with nonmetal and puncture-proof board cutting forming, used as anti puncture insoles directly. The puncture proof fabric comfort is better than steel in the bottom of the bottom, but also compares foaming material more comfortable insoles. Such proof it must be antistatic bottom piercing cloth, shoe factories usually use it to insulated shoes. Ordinary labor insurance shoes at home and abroad have a routine test standard anti-static, is the people wear labor insurance shoes, contact resistance between the human body and the earth in 1 million euro between 1 billion euro. Function requirements of such reasons as follows: 1, to engage in such as single chip, capacitance resistance, integrated circuits and other electronic industrial processing assembly staff, the human body electrostatic charges accumulated the earth not arrange orientation to precision electronic products release cause the damage to the electronic components; 2, contact with oil and flammable powder workers in order to prevent electrostatic charge accumulation produce electrostatic critical accident caused; 3, electrostatic charge accumulation cause discomfort to the human body. The above various reasons, need in the workplace in addition to the puncture resistant, also need antistatic function to the human body electrostatic charges for guidance. However, the domestic market of nonmetal and puncture-proof cloth in the bottom of the insole or you can be sure is to do less than antistatic. Although Italy has a factory has been producing antistatic non-metallic anti puncture in the bottom, but the cost is very high, prices are not competitive. 4, domestic manufacturers, the use of or the insoles in the puncture sewn on antistatic stitches to solve the technical problem, but such a thread hole, the nonmetal anti puncture in the bottom of the insole or puncture prevention effect is bad, the influence of both are not completely compatible. Want to prevent puncture cloth in the bottom do both anti-static and puncture-proof, too, is not can not, only need to technical innovation once again, is just around the corner.
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