Note to wear labor protection articles of unqualified phenomenon

by:BEF     2020-12-14
1. Production site to wear high heels, sandals and slippers; High homework hard to wear shoes, electrical work not wear insulated shoes; 2. Production site to wear vest, shorts, skirts, loose shirts, scarves, scarves or open skirt, shirtless, barefoot, etc. , and other unsafe attire; 3. More than neck root hair, or hair braids, and not wearing a helmet or not puts the hair inside the cap into the production site; 4. Wear gloves or not buckle cuff rotating machine operation; 5. Work from time to tome particles splash, did not wear goggles or face mask; 6. In the work place such as flammable and explosive, open flame, high temperature wear chemical fiber operation; 7. High job or in the fall when objects below the cross homework is not wearing hard hats, safety shoes did not wear resistant down; 8. High operations using seat belts or not according to stipulations take reliable safety measures; 9. Poisonous and harmful work wear protective masks or earplugs not according to stipulations; 10. Charged, high pressure drop when insurance breaker switch or isolate the unused qualified insulated tools, not wear insulated shoes; 11. Using type I hand-held power tools not equipped with leakage protector; In wet airtight container repair, unused Ⅲ hand-held power tools; ( Hand-held power tools according to insulation methods are divided into I, Ⅱ, Ⅲ class, using different types of handheld electric construction have different security requirements. Ⅱ class away in its shell has obvious & other; Back & throughout; Mark, Ⅲ class USES the working voltage for the safety of the 42 v voltage, if there is no obvious & shell other Back & throughout; Symbol, and the use of more than 42 v voltage for the I class, use the type I hand-held electric tools should take when insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes, or stand in the insulating mat, power supply circuit should be equipped with leakage protector, electric tool metal shell should be grounded or zero protection. Ⅱ classes and class Ⅲ hand-held power tools can be used directly, don't have to take the above measures. ) 12. Special operations personnel wear labor insurance supplies (not according to stipulations Such as electric welder not according to stipulations wear resistant protective equipment such as high safety shoes) 。
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