Non-slip labor insurance shoes standard

by:BEF     2020-12-14
In our daily life and work environment, often have a fall, slip and fall accident happen. According to the world health organization report, accidental or unintentional injury death falls are all over the world one of the reasons. Therefore, the choose and buy a pair of antiskid labor insurance shoes is very necessary. There are many factors that can affect anti-skid non-slip soles of Chinese shoes, such as the sole material, shoe soles pattern, the dry humidity of ground material, ground, etc. At present domestic has not unified standard of antiskid labor insurance shoes, is Europe's antiskid shoes that are widely used in the rating standard, a total of SRA, SRB, SRC at three levels. SRA level antiskid labor insurance shoes refers to choose in with glazed tiles of soap liquid test, pressure in 400 n and 500 n, which is 80 - 100 jins, the whole shoe testing anti-slip coefficient greater than zero. 32. SRB level antiskid labor insurance shoes refers to the safety shoes with the glycerol test on stainless steel plate, pressure is 400 n and 500 n, the whole shoe testing anti-slip coefficient greater than zero. 18. Antiskid shoes only by SRA, SRB level test, at the same time to get to the SRC, that is the highest level of antiskid shoes.
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